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22|06|21: Summer Songs 2022

Some summer songs. As usual a random selection of inspiring and reflective tunes. This year may be even more eclectic than usual, but hey. I do not own the rights to any of these songs. Go and buy the music. Lists from the past can be found here. See tracks (slightly modified and not remastered) also on Spotify and YouTube


17|11|27: The Art of Flying

The flight of a starling flock at dusk, know as a murmuration, is one of nature’s most beguiling sights. Blurring the line between the individual and the group, murmurations involve synchronised swooping patterns to ward off predators and exchange information in a manner that’s still something of a mystery to scientists. This two-minute excerpt from the Dutch filmmaker Jan van Ijken’s short documentary The Art of Flying follows a spectacular aerial performance from a massive, shape-shifting starling flock over an open field in the Netherlands.

Source: Aeon, Nov 24, 2017

17|11|11: Operation Tubetop

The Canadian-born, Vienna- and Moscow-raised Tova Marr runs – among a myriad of other things like an incredibly busy social life – the very entertaining podcast „Operation Tubetop“. In 2016, Tova was the social media correspondent of the Vienna Ball of Sciences. To mark the begin of the carneval season she invited me to talk about what it was like to grow up in Vienna in the 1970s (dull), how to organize a ball in the 2010s (fun) and which historical period in Vienna I would like to have encountered (you will never guess). For all this and more check out Tova’s podcast page.